Complete Lunch

  1. Hibachi Steak $9.95
  2. Hibachi Scallop $10.25
  3. Hibachi Shrimp $9.95
  4. Hibachi Chicken $8.25
  5. Hibachi Salmon $9.95
  6. Hibachi Vegetable $7.95
  7. Hibachi Filet Mignon $11.25


Combination Lunch

Shrimp, Steak, Chicken, Scallop         $12.50

(Choice of 2)

Combination Lunch Box        $9.95

Served with Soup, Salad, California Roll, Shumai and Fruits with a Choice of the Following:

B1. Chicken Teriyaki

B2. Beef Teriyaki

B3. Salmon Teriyaki

B4. Shrimp Teriyaki

B5. Chicken Katsu

B6. Ton Katsu

B7. Vegetables Tempura

B8. Assorted Tempura

B9. Beef Negimaki


Sushi Rolls Lunch

Choice of any 2 Rolls for & $7.95, any 3 Rolls for $10.95 from the following.

Served with soup and salad.

*Tuna Roll

*Salmon Roll

*Yellowtail Roll

*Crabmeat Roll

*Cucumber Roll

*Avacado Roll

*Asparagus Roll

*Shrimp Cucumber Roll

*Boston Roll

*Vegetable Roll

*California Roll

*Alaska Roll

*Spicy Tuna Roll

*Spicy Salmon Roll

*Shrimp Tempura Roll

*Sweet Potato Roll

*Spicy Shrimp Roll

*Philly Roll

*Eel Avocvado

*Cucumber Roll

*Salmon Skin Roll

*Crunchy Roll

*Mikado Roll

K.C.C. Roll


Lunch Special Roll

Served with Soup, Salad, or Rice.

L1.* Sushi Lunch 1 California Roll, 5 Pieces of Sushi.          $10.95

L2.* Sashimi Lunch 8 Pieces of Assorted Sashimi.                $11.95

L3.* Sushi & Sashimi Combination                                        $15.95

6 pieces Sashimi, 4 pieces sushi, 1 California roll.

L4.* Chirashi                                                                          $11.95

Assorted raw fish on top of sushi rice.

L5. Beef Shogayaki                                                                $9.95

Sliced beef sauteed in ginger sauce.

L6. Chicken Teriyaki                                                               $8.25

Broiled chicken with teriyaki sauce.

L7. Pork Shogayaki                                                                $9.25

Slice pork sateeed with ginger sauce.

L8. Yakizakana                                                                        $9.50

Broiled fish with teriyaki or lemon butter sauce.

L9. Shrimp Tempura                                                               $9.25

Deep fried shrimp and vegetables.

L10. Vegetable Tempura                                                         $7.25

Assorted deep fried vegetable.

L11. Ika Tempura                                                                    $8.25

Deep fried squid and vegetables.

L12. Udon                                                                              $9.95

Japanese seafood noodle soup.